Lady Joice Very first Time P3

Now also Lady Joice has crap and looks amused to the toilet slave who attempts to gulp again a fresh portion of fresh feces from another domina. He can not quickly guzzle the 2nd pile of poop. Then Domina Michelle urinates again in the middle of his crap mouth. He gulps the piss and then he tried to swallow the shit of Lady Joice also but it does not work. Lady Joice gives some strokes to the slave with the cane, so that he swallows faster their shit. But he can not swallow it faster and chews only. With the shit in his mouth he must start to build the shelves then.

Lady Joice First Time P3

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Domina Isabella punishes friend’s slave

Domme Isabella was asked to penalize a slave by her friend and she did it in spectacular style. She made the slave munch her cunny then her anus and before she was done, she made him lie down and she kaviar into his open mouth. She made sure he ate all the shit she dropped in his mouth and swallowed it. That was punishment enough and he learned his lesson.

Mistress Isabella punishes friend's slave's slave's slave

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Dirty Daddy Slurps Off Her Jammed Ass! Hd Only

Her generous sugar daddy is begging for it…he wants to have a go at her beautiful booty! Now this bitch knows what he wants but she’s not going to give it to him unless he promises to buy that pretty sports car she eyed earlier! She taunts him by groping her arms on her pretty cunt while he sees and drools. She makes him gobble the juices off her fingers! Then she arches over and permits him to take the stuffing out her asshole!

Dirty Daddy Eats Off Her Stuffed Ass! Hd Only

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Kaviar Factory Makes Scat Pate

You can only imagine the smell of this poop factory. They also specialize in piss. They have numerous lady’s defecating and pissing. The piss goes through tubes and is deposited in large cups of urine. Several women lie in a row with their assholes in the air and shit out turds that are then made into scat pate. This factory is a scat fetishist’s dream because of the accumulated female shit and piss.

Shit Factory Makes Scat Pate

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Domina Michelle uses a slave

This lovely domme likes using her toilet slave early in the morning. She also likes getting out her laptop computer because she has work to do. She is going to poop right on his face as she is checking her e-mails, and she is not going to question of things she is doing. She loves to humiliate her slave and make him feel as however he is invisible underneath her.

Mistress Michelle uses a slave

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