The Slave Has To Eat Crap And Drink Piss

Domme Rayven has her black slave boy adore her butt while she grooms herself in the bathroom then determines to use him as her piss and shit toilet and drops some hefty loads of pee and shit in her slave boys mouth.

The Slave Has To Eat Shit And Drink Pee

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Diaper play is very erotic

A dominatrix is going to put on a diaper, because she plans on doing several different things that are very kinky and involving hard-core scat fetishes. She is going to take a poo while wearing her diaper, but then she is also going to begin masturbating with her crap. She is going to make a total mess wearing her diaper, but she does not care because she is having joy.

Diaper play is very erotic

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Shitty Wank Off Instructions

You will go after my directions and jack your pipe off exactly how I tell you to. Imagine that I am jerking your knob off. Pretend it is my mitt touching your shaft. My arm smearing poop all over your rock hard manstick. This is my poo that I am smearing all over your manstick and nut sack. You will do exactly as I say and maybe I’ll let you jizz. Do a good job and do everything I tell you to do. Even if I make you tease yourself or if you are so close to cumming. Don’t you dare cum until I tell you to! Do a good job and you will be allowed to cum when I let you. Follow along and jerk your cock off like I tell you to!

Shitty Jerk Off Instructions

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Scat Diaper Feeding Abasement

I love thinking of creative ways to use and humiliate My toilet slaves! So today, I tied My slave up to make sure he couldn’t go anywhere and made him observe as I shat and pissed in a diaper right in front of him. I made him crawl to the diaper and smell it, then I shoved his face into it and kneaded it in. I shoved him so deep into the poop that he could scarcely breathe and I made him eat My pissy feces directly from the diaper as he ball-gagged in reflex. Once I was amused enough, I took the poo packed diaper and packaged it around his head before securing it there with duct gauze. I then led him around on a leash like a shitty idiot before leaving him in a corner to fester in the smell of My divine kaviar.

Scat Diaper Feeding Humiliation

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Perverse Female dom Session! Kaviar Facesitting Snot And Piss For The Slave! Part Trio

Here you can see the 3rd part from the Utter Movie Perverse Female dom Session! Feces, Facesitting, snot and piss for the slave! Here was the next toiletsclave with me to visit. And of course I did not know any more grace for the slaves. Very first I gave the slaves a Facesitting and he had to slurp my dirty butthole clean! While he slurped my ass hole, I just pooped him a big heap, into his mouth. And I also had to piss and simply pissed at the big feces in his mouth! I also spat in his mouth and he had to gulp my snot and then eat all my crap! I fed him with a spoon so he had to eat it all! He gasped, but that did not help him, since he could not go until he had eaten everything. I`ve discreet him all the time and it`s horny DirtyTalk, from me, to hear! The entire nasty session you see from Trio camera angles!

Perverse Femdom Session! Shit Facesitting Snot And Piss For The Slave! Part 3

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Noelia has breakfast very first

Noelia is preparing her breakfast for her slave. She is going to take her fabulous assets and squat down over a plate. Noelia will then take a meaty feces right on the plate. She is going to make sure she gives the slave just enough feces to pack him up. Noelia might even save the rest of the poop for later in the day. Her slave will be so total.

Noelia has breakfast first

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