A Fresh Slave Is Tested

Again a looser is calling me and wants to serve for me. Okay, he gets a little chance and I test him! He is permitted to smooch my feet and must gulp my piss. I strike his ball sack with my fist, drill my heels into his shoulder and in the end I shit on his mouth! His pain does not interest me!

A New Slave Is Tested

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Domina enjoys shitting on slave

If there is any domina who knows how to torment a slave, it has got to be this domina. She does not like to injure people physically. She likes to torment them psychologically because it hurts more and lasts longer. She took her slave and masked him then made him munch her feet before defecating in his mouth. Not only that, but she also forced him to lick her ass hole clean.

Mistress enjoys shitting on slave

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Princess Nikki spreads broad open

Princess Nikki is going to get indeed broad open when it comes time to take a poop on her slave. She will pull her butt cheeks broad apart, then she will shove an amazing poo out right on her slave’s face. The slave will get the poop fresh and warm right in his mouth, but she will also shit on a plate next to her asshole as well.

Princess Nikki spreads wide open

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