Golden Shower And Drooling Slave

I am relieving cosily with my Doll’s Miss Cherie and Miss Jane, while
our slave serves as footstool and table. Sometime we get the snot and we
work our living lump of furniture to a spittoon. All drool incessantly
in his mouth, until Miss Cherie also has to piss. Practically as a
slave, of course she does not need an extra run to the toilet, she
simply uses his mouth as a toilet. And again went a nice evening with
the damsels to an end, let’s see who we pick as the next from the slave
staples *smile*.

Golden Shower And Spitting Slave

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My Scatparty with my doll’s

The Scatparty with my lady’s was truly amusing. The human toilet had to attempt and sustain five ladies to see if he would fail or he fail or will he become a Human Toilet with certificate. The slave lies underneath the five sexy ladies as he gets a nice blast into his mouth from each one of the sexy ladies at the scat party in Berlin.

My Scatparty with my girls

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Domme vomits and shits on slave

When it comes to scat fetish, this domina takes the prize. She knows how to humiliate and degrade slaves. She is so good at it that she is paid by other mistresses to humiliate their slaves. This slave had a superb dick and before she abjected him, she sucked his chisel very first. When she was done, she vomited on him and poo on him and made him eat a combination of the shit and vomit.

Mistress vomits and shits on slave

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Defecating, pissing and cbt in classroom

Classroom is empty, everyone went to the cafeteria and there are only some minutes left until everyone will inject their rooms again. But Lady Chantal has to poop urgently, and so she calls her private toilet slave who has to end every activity to be available for his Domme. She and her friend lady jane have some big geysers of crap and piss for him. Furthermore they torment his cock for amusement.

Shitting, pissing and cbt in classroom

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Slave Chick Eats Nicole’s Shit

Scat princess Nicole Bitencurt has a sweet slave female who loves to eat her poo. It’s abjecting but she still likes eating every bit of her feces. She deep throats the scat off her toes, munches the shit out of her ass and gets it stuffed in her mouth until it is overflowing. The dominated slave girl has to chew and swallow the shit because Nicole has more for her to eat.

Slave Girl Eats Nicole's Shit's Shit's Shit

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Sexy dominatrix has full-time human toilet

This sexy domina has degraded her loser slave and has him as a permanent human toilet and he must be in the position at all times even when he sleeps to make sure that he is always ready for her bathroom needs. This sexy domme gets up in the morning and pisses in his mouth, brushes her teeth and then drools all the paste into his mouth. Then she squats down over his face and puts her creamy log right into his mouth.

Sexy mistress has full-time human toilet

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Pinknwets Potty Adventures – 61311

Here I am standing over the back of the toilet. A few good plops as my soft fountain splashes into the toilet cup underneath me! I had to turn around and take a seat, BOY… is it hard to stand & feces! lol I thrust some more & then wipe. After wiping I arch over and let you inspect my asshole! Is it clean?!!? 🙂

Pinknwets Potty Adventures - 61311

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Lesbians attempt scat fetish

These lesbians were tired of their stale love making. So they dreamed to attempt out a fresh fetish. They scanned the internet and determined to attempt a scat fetish. They got down to business and one of them went on top of the other and poop on her face. The lezzie who was pooped on then went and licked the ass of the other lesbian and they would then swap places.

Lesbians try scat fetish

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