Rosella abases slave to feel better

Rosella was in a bad mood. And there was only one thing truly that would lift her spirits and get her out of her bad mood. And that is slave abasement. She found her slave had not done what she asked him to do and she used that excuse to humiliate him and degrade him. She had him eat her poop and gulp it all. The she used him as her toilet paper.

Rosella humiliates slave to feel better

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3 Shitty Cities

Took a road tour to several states last week and I determined to film a duo of bathroom trips along the way! You get to see three catches sight of in this clip and I take a poo in all three cities and let you get a look at my cup total of hot chocolate, see the wipes when I clean up and of course hear all the nice humid farts and piss. At the end you get to see a indeed nice close up of my ass spread wide open – too bad you couldn’t be there to clean it for me!!!

3 Shitty Cities

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Dominatrix makes deal with guy

This domina is hot and knows it. She knows many guys are after her butt and she does not let anyone tap it for less than she knows it is worth. Today she desired to make this fellow an suggest. If he managed to suffer all she threw at him, she would fuck his brains out. He agreed and had to endure the mistress shitting on his face and making him swallow it.

Mistress makes deal with guy

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Sandy Very first Time Hd Version

Today Lady Sandy poop the very first time in her life into the mouth of a toilet slave. She is excited, but is also joy for her and so she is defecating a nice big turd in the mouth of the toilet slave. Domina Michelle is filimng all that and before Lady Sandy has to poop and while she is shitting she answers some questions of Mistress Michelle.

Sandy First Time Hd Version

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Toilet slave gets the feces on

This toilet slave lies under the open arse cheeks and cunt of the very sexy Lady Chantal getting pissed and feces on by the hot brown-haired. The toilet slave takes her piss and crap into his open mouth as Chantal sits on the seat with her very sexy nylon pantyhose on. As a final abasement sexy Chantal steps on the slaves manstick and balls with her high heeled black shoes

Toilet slave gets the shit on

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Dominatrix Gaia goes berserk on slave

Dominatrix Gaia wished to display her slave that she was the business. She Turned the slave into her human toilet and made the slave rue the day he was born. She poo and pissed into the slaves mouth before telling the slave to eat her poo or he would get a worse penalty. She would degrade him and also make him feel a lot of anguish so he had to choose.

Mistress Gaia goes berserk on slave

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