Domina Nikki takes late night shit

Every night after the sexy Dominatrix Nikki slurps she has to poo and tonight her slave is here so she determines to use him as a human toilet. She makes him lay down on the floor and she takes her sexy butt and lines it above his mouth and uses her palm to spread her booty cheeks apart. She then thrusts out her creamy semi hard log and it hangs on her ass for just a moment before falling into her slaves open mouth.

Mistress Nikki takes late night shit

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She’s turning kaviar into gold

The art of turning poo into gold is her speciality! Her slave pays her lots of money for her creamy poop. His purse has to be ready, 'cause he pays per gram! Today she held in her feces some more hours to serve her slave a bad and fouly pile of the tastiest mush. He munches cautiously however he has problems with the mass he received. He has to chew before swallowing.

She's turning shit into gold

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Queen Amirha and her shit fetish

Queen Amirha desired to exercise her butt muscles. She determined to do it at the expense of her slave. She went and facesat on her slave and exercised her butt on his face. She did not care about what this did to him. She was on a mission and she had to finish it. She even feces on her face and made him eat the kaviar before she was done with him.

Goddess Amirha and her shit fetish

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Househusband Training! Total Movie

She is the breadwinner of the family and he is the one who stays and home who do the chores and take care of the house. Another part of his role as househusband is to wait on his pretty wifey and do whatever she desires. She comes home from work, tired and irritated. He instantaneously kneels in front of her and starts making her feel better by smooching her assets all over. He takes off her footwear and inhales the smell of it. He smooches and licks her from the shoulder all the way to her stocking-covered toes.

Househusband Training! Full Movie

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Domme uses shit to punish guy

This domme was asked to penalize this fellow for his disobedience and she did not spare him. She reserved the worst penalty for people who did not obey rules. She made him lie down and she pissed and feces on him. She then wiped it all over his figure and let him inhale the aroma. She even made him lick her shit. Then she trampled his cock and balls with her feet.

Mistress uses shit to punish guy

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