Sonya and her friends poop

Sonya likes to drape out with her friends, but today she has determined to have her poo slave demonstrate up for some defecating. She is going to take a enormous kaviar right into a bowl that sits on the slave’s face. All the girls are going to shit on the slave’s face, and the slave is going to be covered so bad in tons of shit that smells.

Sonya and her friends shit

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Domina does a fresh release video in a hurry

This domme was in a hurry to make a fresh movie for her blog. She was supposed to head somewhere but she knew she would not be back in time to strike her own deadline of uploading the movies. She made one in a hurry. She found a loser in the street near her home and she flirted with him and went home with him. She astonished him with what she did and had him eat her poo. Then she posted it. Fortunately his face was not visible.

Mistress does a new release video in a hurry

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Dominatrix humiliates her ex boyfriend

When she ran into her bf at a mutual friend’s house, this dominatrix ducked. And as she was hiding, many people left and she found himself alone with him as he was waiting for a cab to come and pick him up. She took that chance to humiliate him and make him eat her feces. She was still mad that he had cheated on her and they had violated up because of it.

Mistress humiliates her ex boyfriend

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I will poo on your face, slave!

You are my slave! And you have to do whatever I want you to do! And there is one thing I want you to do NOW. Lay down on the ground of the bathroom! And do it rapid because I can't hold it any longer. Are you ready? For what you ask me with eyes broad open? That doesn't matter, just relieve and look at my nice cunny and butthole. You wonder why my ass hole is spreading? It's exactly because of you – you will have to eat a lot of feces now!

I will shit on your face, slave!

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Big butt and lot of kaviar!

This white BBW beauty has a truly fat arse! And she likes to use it to bring lot of destruction! Her slave has to lay under a toilet seat and has to remain there. She starts pressing and soon some feces comes out of her 50 plus inch butt! She shits right into the face of her slave and he cannot do anything else than watching the crap covering his face…!

Big butt and lot of shit!

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Tattooed Domina Shits All Over Slave

Hot, tattooed scat princess Lady Chantal looks so hot in her high heel boots as she prepares to humiliate her toilet slave. She shits in the floor and steps in it with her high high-heeled slippers and makes him munch it off. Then she makes him kneel down on the floor so she can poop all over his back. She likes to combine poo eating and shoe tonguing to humiliate her slave.

Tattooed Mistress Shits All Over Slave

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Messalina shits in slaves mouth

Black-haired Domme Messalina is dressed in her very taut blue jeans and walks into the room and the drops her jeans and undies sitting a top her human slave. Messalina waits a few seconds and then takes a nice mighty brown crap right into the open mouth of her slave. The slave takes the entire shit into his mouth while sitting underneath the fine ass of the sexy mistress Messalina.

Messalina shits in slaves mouth

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Diarheea And Hard Turds Sametime In My Potty Slave Mouth

Domina have a surprise for me today, providing me for my meal some hard staff and diarheea stuff, sametime:) So . .. as a good potty slave i sate my dominatrix wishes and chewing and gulping at her requests. Meantime Domina fiste her ass with gloves to push out more shit and she let me strocking my hard cock but didn’t let me cumm today. No sound.

Diarheea And Hard Turds Sametime In My Potty Slave Mouth

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