Blonde lady eats her own shit

Hot blonde Jenicha has a nice snack of her own crap as she takes a nice knuckle utter from her own poop and shoves it into her own mouth as a delicacy. You might get greedy at the view of sweet Jenicha eating her own kaviar but you’ll be disappointed because this snack is only for her to eat. She loves the taste of her own brand as she puts in her mouth

Blonde girl eats her own shit

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Domina degrades her slave badly

Dominatrix Gaia dreamed to have joy at her slave’s expense. She made sure the slave was lounging down the way she desired and she sat on a sofa above him. She then crap into the slave’s mouth before the smell of the crap became too strong for her. She felt like puking and she gagged herself till she puked and even this she did into the slave’s mouth and he ate it.

Mistress degrades her slave badly

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Domme gets even with guy

If you mess with dominatrix Diana, you should be ready for the consequences. She does not forgive and neither does she leave behind. When this stud messed with her, she bid her time and when an chance introduced itself, she took her chance and had her vengeance. She forced the guy to eat her shit and enjoyed watching him humiliated while eating the shit. They were not even and she let it go.

Mistress gets even with guy

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Very first time for a new girl

We rent again a cottage for Four days. The chick’s are blessed to be there and of course the slave will be the utter toilet during that time. The very first night we made a party in the living and the woman’s were drinking and laughing. At midnight one of the damsels needs to take a shit and goes to visit the human toilet for the first time.

First time for a new girl

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Jassy and Diana’s hotel adventures

Staying in a hotel can be a wonderful practice especially if these two women are there. The women are very hard-core and they are also into several different fetishes. The wonderful thing about these women is the fact that when their slave arrives the very very first thing they are going to do is take a poo right on him. They love to warm him up with a superb deal of scat play.

Jassy and Diana's hotel adventures's hotel adventures's hotel adventures

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