Domina punishes thief using scat fetish

When her things kept disappearing from her house, this domina knew that she had to do something about it. She laid a trap for whoever the thief was and she caught him. She had to penalize him and she did it cruelly. She made the thief eat her poo and guzzle it. She did not hammer him up. But eating poo was enough and the boy never stole from anyone again.

Mistress punishes thief using scat fetish

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Ten Liters Of Piss For Penny And Rosella! Perverse! Extreme! Unique!

On the horny dirty sow party on 13.08.16 in Stuhr, the boys & women were not permitted to go to the toilet,but had to piss and piss me in our greedy throats (see movie series Perverse mud sow party with PennyPayne and RosellaExtrem!) Or into one Ten liter canister until this rim was total. Of course, I also pissed into the canister and squirtet! The piss that landed next, Penny and I,from the ground, slurped, guzzled and gave us horny piss smooches. After the canister was total, Penny and I, with the piss, were bottled and showered. We had to shower with soap, our hair and bod soaps and bathe with the piss, shower and wash our hair. We were thus soiled with the Ten liters of piss and poured over, the piss, literally, stood up to the neck! Such a perverse and extreme, you certainly have not seen! Indeed worth eyeing. So that you can see everything is real, and what a perverse piss fuck-fest that was, there is here, only the total movie, to see from this crass, utterly nasty & perverse activity!

10 Liters Of Piss For Penny And Rosella! Perverse! Extreme! Unique!

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Domme Xenna abases bitch for messing with her

Domina Xenna does not like anyone messing with her. This bitch attempted and regretted it. She made her munch her twat till she had an orgasm and then Xenna used the bitch’s forearms to feces before smearing her face using the poo. She abased and degraded her to send a message that she is not one to mess with. The bitch got the message but she got it too late. She had to face the music and she did.

Mistress Xenna humiliates bitch for messing with her

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Two college honies take massive shit

These two sexy dark-haired college honies are looking for something fresh to attempt and they find it! They both take off their pants and undies before they take turns squatting down over a plate on the floor. The very first dominatrix uses her hands to spread her ass apart as she pushes out several creamy logs. The second mistress takes her ass and pushes out even more shit to add to the plate.

Two college babes take massive shit

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