Your very first time as my toilet!

This slave wished to be my toilet for soo long. Today his desires come true! He has to lay down on the ground and remain there. A toilet chair is right above his head so I just have to sit down – and embark defecating into his mouth! I give him all he needs soo bad! And I have so much joy doing so, that I take a spoon and wipe all the feces over his face… Tasty!

Your first time as my toilet!

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Katharina and Michelle cruelly penalize elderly dude

Lady Katharina has a good butt. Her friend Michelle does too. Today, they used these same excellent booties to humiliate and degrade an elderly fellow. They realized he was a cheat and since he was elderly, many people did not suspect it. They found out and the penalty they gave him was fierce. They made the old guy to eat their shit and he was forced t swallow the shit.

Katharina and Michelle cruelly punish elderly guy

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Madame Juliette’S Toilet Bitch

The Frenchman is my alpha masculine out on the chain to serve me! Of course, with designed chastity belt! Today you go to the toilet or ran the toilet Haha … But very first must Froschfresser on directive of his master to only munch my footwear … My footwear off … Yes, and then sniff beautiful … The nose cork inbetween your toes and his breathing technology is becoming more intense! On dog collar I bring him to the bathroom! His ugly head I ass-plug in the toilet … And now you eat cautiously all Piss- & Kackreste away! We want a clean loo have when you’re done! This is not swift enough! Perhaps it will help if I thrust your head into the cup and rinse … Petite facial shower haha! Yes, and now it’s back from the living room to the master! VAT With Neck corset. Linen and terminals on the ears is piloted his face again at my feet to slurp! After my feet my husband pressing him down at his patent leather shoes! LEAK! Now our French Klofotze must spoil my husband! Madame & Monsier it have a good time!

Madame Juliette'S Toilet Bitch'S Toilet Bitch'S Toilet Bitch

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Private Toilet Slave Of Silicone Mistress

A silicone Godess is back on our studio !! She agree to make more movies and humiliate the toilet slave.MORE AND MORE!! At the beginning she dressed in a black seethrough catsuit for some pictures and for titillating toilet view then she switch into crotchless blue catsuit. She use slave genitals for a nice CBT, then she put a strapon and order her slave to suck her man-meat, deepthroat him, and fuck his butt tighter !! After all Bondage & Discipline act, time was coming for her toilet : she will pack his mouth with her piss and her waste as a prize and he cannot do anything that chew and guzzle !! With Godess help, he become more addictive to her kaviar and becoming hard meantime eating and ingesting all Silicone Godess waste. Again an epic movie with Silicone Godess !!!

Personal Toilet Slave Of Silicone Mistress

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Princess Nikki makes slave poo breakfast

Princess Nikki is upset at her slave so to penalize him she determines to fix him a wonderful breakfast that he is compelled to eat no matter what! She takes his breakfast plate and puts it on the edge of the table and lines her taut anus up with the plate and then spreads her arse open and starts to thrust out her log. Her creamy log fills his plate and she makes the slave eat all of it for breakfast.

Princess Nikki makes slave shit breakfast

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#613 Turning Sissy Missy Into My Toilet #1

I am horny standing above my toilet sissy missy wearing a little black dress, gray lace undies, and sexy high-heeled slippers. I have been holding back the urge to piss and kaviar ready to unload again on my fresh dirty sissy tramp. I love taunting and getting pleasured by my sissy missy with my unwashed slit and total ass. It feels so good shitting and pissing, and doing whatever pleases me to my toilet sissy missy! I enjoy feeding my toilet shit directly from my sexy ass and mouth! Enjoy watching me make my sissy missy eat for the second day in a row!

#613 Turning Sissy Missy Into My Toilet #1

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