Princess Rachel Evans’s pathetic slave

Princess Rachel Evans is having a wonderful day involving scat and poo play. She is going to have her slave lay on the ground so that she is about to squat down above him, and take a nice poop. She is even going to have him wank off with her feces as a lubricant. Princess Rachel Evans doesn’t care what the slave wants or likes at all.

Princess Rachel Evans's pathetic slave's pathetic slave's pathetic slave

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Renee’S Fresh Droppings!!

Renee is def out to keep improving each clip!! This fresh hotty comes with her strongest clip yet. Two hot clips permitting you to see tow different droppings!! The 2nd one being Butt Nekkid and Nasty!! This little skinny lady certainly keeps it funky in this one!! Nice pissing and noisy plops and Man that sexy dancer’s body of hers is just too much!!

Renee'S New Droppings!!'S New Droppings!!'S New Droppings!!

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Cat Woman’s, Shit and Vomit

Kimi Cat and Domi Cat are a diabolical team of scat queens that demonstrate no grace on their feces slaves. In this clip, they work as a well oiled scat team as one holds the camera and the other does the defecating. They don’t think this is abjecting enough for the slave so they embark to vomit on him. They look down at their poor slave with a mouth total of poop and face full of vomit.

Cat Girls, Shit and Vomit

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