I Love Eating My Doll’S Scat! Utter Movie

Other guys resent their women for attempting to boss them around but I ain’t one of them! I came home one day and there she was, ready to crap on my face. Who am I to reject? I let her whip my figure until my skin hurt then she commanded me to lie down and take what’s coming to me. Moments later, I felt smelly poo on my mouth. She made me eat her scat then she drool on my mouth for good measure.

I Love Eating My Girl'S Scat! Full Movie'S Scat! Full Movie'S Scat! Full Movie

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Princess Nikki’s xxx poop

This hard-core dominatrix is going to do many different things to her slave. One of them is going to be making her slave open his mouth, so that he is able to eat all of her delicious feces. She finds it fairly amusing that he is so excited to please her for the very first time by eating up everything. She has officially trained the flawless human toilet slave that is a loser.

Princess Nikki's hardcore poop

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Chubby Domme shits and pisses

This chubby Dominatrix is sitting on the edge of the bathtub using the railings to hold her arse up above the bathtub. She then starts pissing and you can see the warm fresh golden nectar come out of her humid vulva. Next she takes and shoves out a semi-hard log that falls out of her butt and strings up as she keeps making it longer as she continues to push it out until it falls to the bottom of the tub.

Chubby Mistress shits and pisses

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Her poo pawed all over his face!

This crazy domme, called Gabi, planned an extreme scat session for her slave. She stands on his gams as the slave's getting down on all fours on the floor and sits down on his face. Now she shoves out a massive amount of soft scat which partly goes right into the slaves mouth, but is mostly covering his entire face! She massages her butt all over his shitty face until both her butt and the slave's face are completely covered in scat!

Her shit rubbed all over his face!

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Sweetbaby and her human toilet slave

Sweetbaby has to go to toilet very soon! But when she reaches the bathroom she has to realize that the stupid slave dared to use the toilet of the sexy ladies! Of course she cannot leave him without penalizing him! So she orders him to lay down on the ground, open his mouth and drink whatever leaves her sexy snatch! But he does a bad job! So he also has to clean the ground and her boots with his tongue only!

Sweetbaby and her human toilet slave

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