Toilet slave gets feces on

The life of a tilet slave is hard as he gets kaviar on a daily basis by a lot of sexy woman’s. Today the toilet slave gets the blonde’s hot brown poo right in his face as he lies underneath her serving as her daily toilet slave. She is about to go to bed must has to drop a fresh poop providing the slave one more taste for the day.

Toilet slave gets shit on

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The slave scat-tongue has to do his work again. He gets my daily portion
of caviar directly in his mouth. His torment is unspoiled joy to me! After
painful whipping, trampling and paraffin wax games, he was permitted to go into his
little cell again. Scat, pee, trampling, spitting, whip


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Three scat queens are defecating

When three xxx scat queens get together, everything will get indeed dirty. The three honies are going to take turns defecating on their slave. Lady Angie, Grace, and Nikki will make sure their slave earns every bit of crap possible. They think he is a loser and is worth nothing more than poo. He will open broad and take every bit of the shit in his mouth.

Three scat queens are shitting

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Amazon Rachel drops massive feces

Domme Amazon Rachel is a sexy massive six foot woman who has to take a massive poo. She goes into the bathroom and pisses into the toilet at very first. Then she goes and sits down on her portable toilet with her loser slave under her butt as she starts pushing out a massive creamy stream right into her slaves open mouth as she compels him to eat her stinkiest fountain ever.

Amazon Rachel drops massive shit

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