Domina teach slave a cruel lesson

Lady Angie, Miss Flowers and their friend are all clean perverts. When they found out that their slave had not cleaned the toilet the way they want and to their standard, they had to do something about it. They determined to use him as their human toilet so as to instruct him a lesson he would never leave behind. They pissed and crap into his mouth and he had to gulp.

Mistress teach slave a cruel lesson

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Dirty Games In The Chick’s School

Today in the chick’s school we go indeed dirty. In biology class, the
teacher is taken by surprise, Lady Chantal shits on the his desk while
the other woman’s maltreat the teacher. The woman’s permit the teacher to eat
the fresh pile of kaviar.
Also Miss Jane is abruptly standing on the table and shits the teacher
directly on his head. Miss Cherie asks him to lie down under a petite
table so they can sit cozily while she urinates him a big stream of piss
directly into his mouth. After the lot of the shit has been taken up by
the teacher, the girls go laughing to the break.

Dirty Games In The Girls School

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Nice Instructor Shits on Student’s Face

This instructor gives her student a lesson he will never leave behind. She keeps him after class then instantly gets down and starts grabbing his shaft. He gets hard instantly so she takes her undies off and starts facesitting on him. He fingers her ass hole and buries his mouth in her booty and pussy. Then she shits in his mouth and gets scat all over his mouth, face and chest.

Cute Instructor Shits on Student's Face's Face's Face

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Trampling and Defecating on Masked Slave

Domina Gaia is enormously violent to her slaves. She doesn’t think that defecating in their mouth is abjecting enough. She likes to put on extra tall high heel boots and trample her toilet slave after she fills his mouth with her smelly turds. He has to chew on her messy poo that fills his mouth while she gives him a full body trampling crushing his chest with her full weight.

Trampling and Shitting on Masked Slave

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A naked slave is disciplined

A slave is attempting to become a human toilet slave for a domina that has a reputation for being very brutal and she also always gets what she wants. He is going to have a very difficult time making her glad, because she is so requiring. All he knows is that he must open his mouth for total indignity. He is ready to eat all of her warm poo to make her glad.

A naked slave is punished

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