This is a shitty dinner

Slave has not eaten for Two days so he begs his Dominatrix for some good food. Dominatrix does not give a crap, he can starve to death for all she cares the fat fuck. This give the aggressive Lady a shitty idea. She does give a feces and can give him some of her poo to eat. What a nice lunch and dinner would this be. Half my shit for lunch the rest you can microwave for dinner. Complaining has no use poop is all you are going to get. If you are fortunate you can drink some of my piss after ending of your plate of shit

This is a shitty dinner

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Dominatrix Rose shits on slave

Domme Rose is a sexy black-haired dominatrix that takes her slave and makes him into her human toilet. She makes him lay on the floor under her portable toilet and then she takes and sits down on top of her slave and takes a poo on his face. She makes him open his mouth as she pisses and shits all over his face. She lets him know he is a loser slave and that she is always going to poo on his face.

Mistress Rose shits on slave

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Domina punishes her rude student

This domina does not like rude students in her class. She likes obedient students and those who are polite. She attempted to talk to this student but he did not seem to switch his bad manners. She waited till everyone had gone home then asked him to wait. She penalized him by facesitting on him and making him eat her crap. That trained him a lesson and he switched his manners and became more respectful.

Mistress punishes her rude student

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Big Hard Poop Expulsed By Godess

Godess didn’t believe that she can crap so much today. She had a big and hefty hard kaviar for her slaves. She prepare again a big meal for them and then she will call them to get it fresh !
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Big Hard Shit Expulsed By Godess

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Dominatrix uses fierce way to avoid sex

Her beau loves hookup and adores her butt. But this dominatrix was tired of having hook-up and dreamed to discourage her beau from requesting for sex from her for some time. So she bent over as if to put on a show for him. She showed him her nice round butt and he was horny immediately. But then she did the unexpected and shit on herself while he watched. He was disgusted and did not ask for sex for a long time.

Mistress uses cruel way to avoid sex

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Domme Victoria shits off a chair

Domme Victoria has a very nice round butt. So nice that all she has to do is sit down and she is ready to feces. She must have a natural reflex for defecating. This time, she is going to crap on her slave that is dressed in a leather restrain bondage clothing. He is going to find out just what Domina Victoria’s shit is all about and like it.

Domina Victoria shits off a chair

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