Victoria loves to kaviar

Victoria is one of those mistresses that loves to fuck with her slaves. She is expecting her toilet slave to arrive at her house any time now. However, she also has a surprise for her slave. He always knows that he is expected to eat something, but this time she is going to eat strawberries and take a big crap right in his mouth for him to guzzle entire.

Victoria loves to shit

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Plumber gets crap on by housewife

The plumber came in to attempt to fix the leaky toilet but was not able to do his job so he suffered the fury of the housewife as she instead took a nice feces right into his open mouth. she made him her human toilet as he was not able to fix the toilet decently. As an insult to injury he had to take her dirty tampons out with his mouth.

Plumber gets shit on by housewife

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12 Servings of CHOCOLATE

I got a special request to do a marathon movie of a dozen different toilet scenes with no talking or fancy angles, just the nastiest, noisiest, brownest chocolate explosions caught on camera – so here it is! Several different angles from the front, side and back with most of them displaying the utter view of the chocolate flowing from my big butt, and a few of them focused on my butt or even my tits while you hear everything. There are a duo of scenes where you get to see me wipe and of course lots of urinating and almost every scene has at least one or two nasty raw farts. If you indeed want to see chocolate from beginning to end, this is the one for you!

12 Servings of CHOCOLATE

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Secretary Enslaves Nasty Boss! Total Movie

Inwards the office, he’s the boss and she’s the secretary slave. Outside the office, it’s a different story. He’s the one all tied up in her private basement, a slave to her quirks. With his mitts and gams binded to the cross, he is defenseless as she whips him into obedience. She transfers him to the portable toilet, where she sits above his face and shits right on him. To cap it all off, she lets her friends in on the joy and lets them take turns defecating and pissing on his face!

Secretary Enslaves Nasty Boss! Full Movie

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Throttling Shiting And Piss Training A Fresh Slave!

She is training her fresh slave and she has a well experienced range of contraptions to break in her slave. She smothers him and wipes crushed food over his face. One day he will be consuming her fresh vomit, but this is a fine way to introduce this layer to her subject. She pisses into his face and orders him to clean her vagina long enough to give her pleasure. She prizes her slave by squatting over him and pushing out a solid log of her newest kaviar. Once delivered, she face sits him and controls the breaths he takes and the scat he consumes!

Smothering Shiting And Piss Training A New Slave!

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Evil Sis Make Slave Eat Poop! Utter Movie

Unknown to their parents, the sis have a nasty vice. They have the insatiable need to torment a boy fucktoy by pissing, defecating, or puking on him. Right now they have a willing one on their mitts and they are going all out! After undressing off his clothes and scrawling obscenities on his bod, they make him lie down on the floor and pry his mouth open. The chicks take turns squatting and unloading poop on his face, which they order him to eat at once.

Evil Sis Make Slave Eat Shit! Full Movie

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