Diaper Baby Crap Eating Punishment!

You are a very bad baby! Mommy just got you all diapered up in a fresh diaper and Five seconds later you poo in your clean diaper! Mommy is very upset with you! You need to be penalized for pooping your diapers the 2nd Mommy puts you in a fresh one!
You must love crap, baby if you pack your fresh diapers that quickly! If you love kaviar so much why don’t you just eat it! Eat your own crap out of that nasty, shitty diaper! Look at that filth you crap out into your clean baby diaper! That craziness shouldn’t come out of a baby!
Eat it! Mommy has to penalize you to get you to behave! Eat your own poo, baby! Here you go, you filthy poo loving baby! Eat the poop out of your own nasty, abominable diaper! Chew it up and swallow it! Mommy knows you love shit! Now eat it!

Diaper Baby Shit Eating Punishment!

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