Hard Toilet Training By Domme Ezada Sinn

Dominatrix Ezada has lots of slaves in Her stable, so this ugly pathetic loser that said he would do anything to serve
Her can have only one use: to be Her utter human toilet. This is a massive honor for him, and he should be grateful to receive and ingest
anything that comes out of Her divine bod. To make sure he has no choice, Dominatrix Ezada has the slave mummified and restrained.
But just in case he isn’t very impatient to gulp everything, She has placed an elastrator rubber band around his nuts; so if he doesn’t finish processing
Her waste – he will lose his ballsack. An eunuch slave will certainly be more obedient and willing to please, so Domina Ezada is not venturing anything,
just the slave does…

Hard Toilet Training By Mistress Ezada Sinn

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