Urinate n poop in slaves face

Ms Anna determines against using the bathroom and determines to use her slave instead. She soaks his face in her golden nectar then finishes it off with a meaty pile in the slaves face.At the end of the clip see the explosion that was piled up on his face.

Pee n poop in slaves face

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This is a shitty dinner

Slave has not eaten for Two days so he begs his Dominatrix for some good food. Dominatrix does not give a crap, he can starve to death for all she cares the fat fuck. This give the aggressive Lady a shitty idea. She does give a feces and can give him some of her poo to eat. What a nice lunch and dinner would this be. Half my shit for lunch the rest you can microwave for dinner. Complaining has no use poop is all you are going to get. If you are fortunate you can drink some of my piss after ending of your plate of shit

This is a shitty dinner

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I will poo on your face, slave!

You are my slave! And you have to do whatever I want you to do! And there is one thing I want you to do NOW. Lay down on the ground of the bathroom! And do it rapid because I can't hold it any longer. Are you ready? For what you ask me with eyes broad open? That doesn't matter, just relieve and look at my nice cunny and butthole. You wonder why my ass hole is spreading? It's exactly because of you – you will have to eat a lot of feces now!

I will shit on your face, slave!

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Rosella abases slave to feel better

Rosella was in a bad mood. And there was only one thing truly that would lift her spirits and get her out of her bad mood. And that is slave abasement. She found her slave had not done what she asked him to do and she used that excuse to humiliate him and degrade him. She had him eat her poop and gulp it all. The she used him as her toilet paper.

Rosella humiliates slave to feel better

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Scatty Damsel plays with her scat

Scatty damsel is a sexy blonde domina that attempts out scat play for the very first time and is amazed with the intense orgasm that she had. She starts out standing in the bathtub because the toilet is out of order and she drops several creamy logs in the bath. She then takes the creamy kaviar and uses it like lotion covering her sexy figure with her warm stinky shit until she cums!

Scatty Girl plays with her scat

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