Woman wishes of shitting the bed

This woman has spent all night dreaming of taking a massive poo in her bed and has found the idea to be fairly exhilarating, so she determines to attempt it out. Why would she let her fantasies have all of the joy when she can just squat over a cushion and let her shit slide out of her asshole in real life? She covers her bed in shit and loves it.

Woman dreams of shitting the bed

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Camerawoman shits on slave very first time

This camerawoman has been filming us sexy mistresses defecating on our slaves faces for a while now and she has begun to wonder what it would feel like to poop on a guy’s face. Today was her chance and some one else took the camera and she got to sit above the slaves face and then shits all over his face and her soft and smelly cheeseburgers and ketchup land all over his face and into his mouth.

Camerawoman shits on slave first time

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Amazon Rachel drops massive feces

Domme Amazon Rachel is a sexy massive six foot woman who has to take a massive poo. She goes into the bathroom and pisses into the toilet at very first. Then she goes and sits down on her portable toilet with her loser slave under her butt as she starts pushing out a massive creamy stream right into her slaves open mouth as she compels him to eat her stinkiest fountain ever.

Amazon Rachel drops massive shit

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Domina punishes thief using scat fetish

When her things kept disappearing from her house, this domina knew that she had to do something about it. She laid a trap for whoever the thief was and she caught him. She had to penalize him and she did it cruelly. She made the thief eat her poo and guzzle it. She did not hammer him up. But eating poo was enough and the boy never stole from anyone again.

Mistress punishes thief using scat fetish

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Domina playfully finds out about feces fetish

This domme was broke and did not have anywhere to go or anything to do. She had lots of time on her arms and she did not know what to do with it. So she determined to attempt anything that seemed remotely interesting. She attempted to force a fat and feces on herself. But instead of freaking out, she found herself liking it. She continued with it and added pissing to it.

Mistress playfully finds out about shit fetish

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Domina Nikki takes late night shit

Every night after the sexy Dominatrix Nikki slurps she has to poo and tonight her slave is here so she determines to use him as a human toilet. She makes him lay down on the floor and she takes her sexy butt and lines it above his mouth and uses her palm to spread her booty cheeks apart. She then thrusts out her creamy semi hard log and it hangs on her ass for just a moment before falling into her slaves open mouth.

Mistress Nikki takes late night shit

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Queen Amirha and her shit fetish

Queen Amirha desired to exercise her butt muscles. She determined to do it at the expense of her slave. She went and facesat on her slave and exercised her butt on his face. She did not care about what this did to him. She was on a mission and she had to finish it. She even feces on her face and made him eat the kaviar before she was done with him.

Goddess Amirha and her shit fetish

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