Urinate n poop in slaves face

Ms Anna determines against using the bathroom and determines to use her slave instead. She soaks his face in her golden nectar then finishes it off with a meaty pile in the slaves face.At the end of the clip see the explosion that was piled up on his face.

Pee n poop in slaves face

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Slave gets pissed and kaviar on

This slave was whining that he was thirsty so I this sexy dark-haired gave him some of her piss and watery poo to drink serving him from a dog cup for the lowly slave. As an insult to injury she inflicts a good deal of anguish on the slave as she steps on his nip making them bloody with her utterly sharp high heels. The slave gets abused and humiliated

Slave gets pissed and shit on

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3 Shitty Cities

Took a road tour to several states last week and I determined to film a duo of bathroom trips along the way! You get to see three catches sight of in this clip and I take a poo in all three cities and let you get a look at my cup total of hot chocolate, see the wipes when I clean up and of course hear all the nice humid farts and piss. At the end you get to see a indeed nice close up of my ass spread wide open – too bad you couldn’t be there to clean it for me!!!

3 Shitty Cities

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