Woman wishes of shitting the bed

This woman has spent all night dreaming of taking a massive poo in her bed and has found the idea to be fairly exhilarating, so she determines to attempt it out. Why would she let her fantasies have all of the joy when she can just squat over a cushion and let her shit slide out of her asshole in real life? She covers her bed in shit and loves it.

Woman dreams of shitting the bed

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Day by day for slave

This fresh gorgeous lady uses the slaves face as her own individual human toilet as she drops her undies because she urgently needs to take a poo. It is her very first time shittin on another person and she makes it a superb experience as she takes a huge dump right on top of the toilet slaves face. His face was used before and now he gets a second helping.

Day by day for slave

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Katharina and Michelle cruelly penalize elderly dude

Lady Katharina has a good butt. Her friend Michelle does too. Today, they used these same excellent booties to humiliate and degrade an elderly fellow. They realized he was a cheat and since he was elderly, many people did not suspect it. They found out and the penalty they gave him was fierce. They made the old guy to eat their shit and he was forced t swallow the shit.

Katharina and Michelle cruelly punish elderly guy

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Sonya and her friends poop

Sonya likes to drape out with her friends, but today she has determined to have her poo slave demonstrate up for some defecating. She is going to take a enormous kaviar right into a bowl that sits on the slave’s face. All the girls are going to shit on the slave’s face, and the slave is going to be covered so bad in tons of shit that smells.

Sonya and her friends shit

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Domme Gaia feels like degrading slave

Domme Gaia likes nothing better than abjecting and degrading her slaves. She was in the mood to do just that and when she is in that mood, she does not care about anything else. She has to do it. She called her slave and made him her toilet slave. She kaviar into his mouth and he had to eat all that crap. She did not care how degrading he found it. He had to do what she dreamed.

Mistress Gaia feels like degrading slave

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Domme Nikole abases guy with a crush on her

Domme Nikole discovered that this loser had a crush on her and she determined to take advantage of it. She made him come to her house and she compelled him to eat her poo. She made him believe that she loved it when he ate her poo and so the dude in an effort to please her, agreed to eat her poo. The mistress meanwhile was enjoying everything that she was doing to him.

Mistress Nikole humiliates guy with a crush on her

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