Dianas Idea Of Defecating Part2

Look at these toilet slave who loves to chew and gulp all the poo from her mistresses. Do you like it when the ladies loves crap in your grave?

Dianas Idea Of Shitting Part2

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There Is A Fresh Toilet In The Building French Version

You’ve been working for my business for a few months now and I’m not pleased with your work. I attempted everything with you but it seems you can’t reach your total potential. You are a lost case. I annouce you that you are going to be downgraded. You are gonna have a totally different job, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be doing something significant. You will actually be essential.
You are most likely wondering what I am talking about. Well, I determined you are going to be the official toilet in the building. See, budget is always taut so this is going to be a way to cut on toilet paper and cleaning ladies. It’s the flawless position for you. You will lay on your back on the floor all day. Until some lady comes in the bathroom, squats on your face, and eases herself in your broad open mouth.
Oh, don’t attempt to abandon my company. I know everybody in the business world and there is no way you will find another job. You’ll end up in the streets. Anyways, just think about all the vaginas and butts you are going to see all day. Little crevices opening up and juices coming out. It’s always going to be a surprise! Isn’t it it the flawless job?
So, are you ready to be trained for your need job? I have to shit right now. Just lay down on the floor and I’ll poop on your face. It’s going to be lighter than you think. You are going to love it. Oh yeah! Pooping is so relieving, almost like an orgasm! Now clean my butthole! Good! Now you have to eat all my poo up until there is nothing left!
See? You were born to be a toilet!

There Is A New Toilet In The Building French Version

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Fresh Toiletslave For Scatqueensberlin P2

After a while Lady Grace used the fresh toilet slave and presses her soft feces straight into his mouth. But chew and guzzle is not his specialty. Lady Grace is pretty unhappy about it. Nevertheless, Lady Angie pisses him again with a powerful stream of piss in his mouth. With the piss kaviar mix from the cup he has to gargle a song, which amused the ladies again. All of a sudden Lady Angie runs into a chunk of feces. Now it is time to see how the fresh slave gobble clean the shoe sole of Lady Angie?
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New Toiletslave For Scatqueensberlin P2

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