Fresh Toiletslave For Scatqueensberlin P2

After a while Lady Grace used the fresh toilet slave and presses her soft feces straight into his mouth. But chew and guzzle is not his specialty. Lady Grace is pretty unhappy about it. Nevertheless, Lady Angie pisses him again with a powerful stream of piss in his mouth. With the piss kaviar mix from the cup he has to gargle a song, which amused the ladies again. All of a sudden Lady Angie runs into a chunk of feces. Now it is time to see how the fresh slave gobble clean the shoe sole of Lady Angie?
language: english+german

New Toiletslave For Scatqueensberlin P2

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Lady Amy Very first Time Part2

Lady Amy must now urgently and urinates into the mouth of the slave and then she craps into the mouth of the slave. Today the crap of Lady Amy is very soft and the mouth of the toilet slaves is downright packed up with the feces of Lady Amy. We amusing about the situation and a moment later, Lady Sandy leans over him and commences to feces a bunch directly over the feces from Lady Amy. Lady Grace shits too. Lady Grace is well known that she is disregard the slave feelings shits and without hesitation a fresh fresh bunch over the other two bunch of shit. And now eat it slave!

Lady Amy First Time Part2

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