Woman wishes of shitting the bed

This woman has spent all night dreaming of taking a massive poo in her bed and has found the idea to be fairly exhilarating, so she determines to attempt it out. Why would she let her fantasies have all of the joy when she can just squat over a cushion and let her shit slide out of her asshole in real life? She covers her bed in shit and loves it.

Woman dreams of shitting the bed

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Queen Amirha and her shit fetish

Queen Amirha desired to exercise her butt muscles. She determined to do it at the expense of her slave. She went and facesat on her slave and exercised her butt on his face. She did not care about what this did to him. She was on a mission and she had to finish it. She even feces on her face and made him eat the kaviar before she was done with him.

Goddess Amirha and her shit fetish

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Domme Nikole abases guy with a crush on her

Domme Nikole discovered that this loser had a crush on her and she determined to take advantage of it. She made him come to her house and she compelled him to eat her poo. She made him believe that she loved it when he ate her poo and so the dude in an effort to please her, agreed to eat her poo. The mistress meanwhile was enjoying everything that she was doing to him.

Mistress Nikole humiliates guy with a crush on her

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Dominatrix gives slave an incentive

Domme Sabina has no time for slaves who do not meet her standards. This slave pretended he did but she discovered he did not. Faced with the choice of sending him away and training him what she wished him to learn, she determined to make him find out on his own. She packaged him in a plastic film and when he was defenseless, she poo on him as motivation for him to learn for himself.

Mistress gives slave an incentive

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Dominatrix Roberta punishes guy savagely

Dominatrix Roberta does not like people crossing her path. She likes to keep to her lane and never disturbs people. But when someone disturbs her, she likes providing him or her a lump of her mind. This fellow did and lived to regret it. She took him to her house where she compelled him to eat her poop. She fed it to him as if it was a delicious meal and loved watching him gobble it up out of fear.

Mistress Roberta punishes guy savagely

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Smile while eating my feces

How can you smile with a face utter of crap? Evil Domme takes a big dump all over her slaves face and then orders him to smile. He very first needs to eat all of her faeces of course. Will he be able to do this? And smile afterwards? What a aggressive and unusual penalty for this enslaved slave. He always listens to every directive her demanding mistress makes. But is this one step too far? Smile while eating shit? What a cruel and evil Mistress

Smile while eating my shit

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Domina Gaia shits into slaves mouth

Domina Gaia is a sexy petite dominatrix wearing only her black high high-heeled shoes and a T-shirt as she makes her slave lay down on the floor. She then gets over his head and sits down on his face. She uses her palms to pull her butt apart so you can witness as she pushes out a creamy log and it goes straight from her ass into his mouth and she makes him eat it!

Mistress Gaia shits into slaves mouth

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