Urinate n poop in slaves face

Ms Anna determines against using the bathroom and determines to use her slave instead. She soaks his face in her golden nectar then finishes it off with a meaty pile in the slaves face.At the end of the clip see the explosion that was piled up on his face.

Pee n poop in slaves face

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Masked Slave Slurps Giant Turds

This sexy scat princess in big black boots has to take a poo so she calls her toilet slave. He is there in a flash with a mask on and his mouth open ready to receive her scat. She leans over and shits out some enormous turds that overflow out of his mouth. She wipes her booty and puts the paper total of kaviar in his face. He just lies there chewing.

Masked Slave Eats Giant Turds

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This is a shitty dinner

Slave has not eaten for Two days so he begs his Dominatrix for some good food. Dominatrix does not give a crap, he can starve to death for all she cares the fat fuck. This give the aggressive Lady a shitty idea. She does give a feces and can give him some of her poo to eat. What a nice lunch and dinner would this be. Half my shit for lunch the rest you can microwave for dinner. Complaining has no use poop is all you are going to get. If you are fortunate you can drink some of my piss after ending of your plate of shit

This is a shitty dinner

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Slave gets penalized with shit burger

This slave was supposed to be cleaning while his dominatrix was gone but instead he did nothing at all so when she came home he was busy getting penalized for being lazy. She takes and shits into a container and then makes him stuff his mouth with her creamy feces burger and he has to keep it in his mouth while he runs around outside and repeats the same phrase over and over again about how he will obey his dominatrix to the utmost!

Slave gets punished with shit burger

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Nice Instructor Shits on Student’s Face

This instructor gives her student a lesson he will never leave behind. She keeps him after class then instantly gets down and starts grabbing his shaft. He gets hard instantly so she takes her undies off and starts facesitting on him. He fingers her ass hole and buries his mouth in her booty and pussy. Then she shits in his mouth and gets scat all over his mouth, face and chest.

Cute Instructor Shits on Student's Face's Face's Face

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