Woman wishes of shitting the bed

This woman has spent all night dreaming of taking a massive poo in her bed and has found the idea to be fairly exhilarating, so she determines to attempt it out. Why would she let her fantasies have all of the joy when she can just squat over a cushion and let her shit slide out of her asshole in real life? She covers her bed in shit and loves it.

Woman dreams of shitting the bed

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Camerawoman shits on slave very first time

This camerawoman has been filming us sexy mistresses defecating on our slaves faces for a while now and she has begun to wonder what it would feel like to poop on a guy’s face. Today was her chance and some one else took the camera and she got to sit above the slaves face and then shits all over his face and her soft and smelly cheeseburgers and ketchup land all over his face and into his mouth.

Camerawoman shits on slave first time

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A naked slave is disciplined

A slave is attempting to become a human toilet slave for a domina that has a reputation for being very brutal and she also always gets what she wants. He is going to have a very difficult time making her glad, because she is so requiring. All he knows is that he must open his mouth for total indignity. He is ready to eat all of her warm poo to make her glad.

A naked slave is punished

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Renee’S Fresh Droppings!!

Renee is def out to keep improving each clip!! This fresh hotty comes with her strongest clip yet. Two hot clips permitting you to see tow different droppings!! The 2nd one being Butt Nekkid and Nasty!! This little skinny lady certainly keeps it funky in this one!! Nice pissing and noisy plops and Man that sexy dancer’s body of hers is just too much!!

Renee'S New Droppings!!'S New Droppings!!'S New Droppings!!

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#613 Turning Sissy Missy Into My Toilet #1

I am horny standing above my toilet sissy missy wearing a little black dress, gray lace undies, and sexy high-heeled slippers. I have been holding back the urge to piss and kaviar ready to unload again on my fresh dirty sissy tramp. I love taunting and getting pleasured by my sissy missy with my unwashed slit and total ass. It feels so good shitting and pissing, and doing whatever pleases me to my toilet sissy missy! I enjoy feeding my toilet shit directly from my sexy ass and mouth! Enjoy watching me make my sissy missy eat for the second day in a row!

#613 Turning Sissy Missy Into My Toilet #1

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Domina Nikki takes late night shit

Every night after the sexy Dominatrix Nikki slurps she has to poo and tonight her slave is here so she determines to use him as a human toilet. She makes him lay down on the floor and she takes her sexy butt and lines it above his mouth and uses her palm to spread her booty cheeks apart. She then thrusts out her creamy semi hard log and it hangs on her ass for just a moment before falling into her slaves open mouth.

Mistress Nikki takes late night shit

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Fresh Mistress Fatime uses human toilet

Domme Fatime could not believe her girlfriends when they kept talking to her about their human toilet and they indeed desired her to attempt it. She eventually gave in and as she sits on the portable toilet above her slave with her friends watching her very first time as she reads a magazine. She attempts truly hard to shit into her slaves eager mouth but she only is able to piss all over him this first time.

New Mistress Fatime uses human toilet

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