The Very first Time Of Julia

Julia always dreamed to know what she would feel defecating on the face of a man and now she has fulfilled her dream.

The First Time Of Julia

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Scat Femdom Mistress

A very provocative and hot domme is going to display a slave that she is never to be fucked with. She is going to make him clean her boots. He better do a good job, because if not he is going to find out what her drool tastes like. This slave is not well behaved, so she is going to take a meaty feces into his mouth.

Scat Femdom Mistress

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Scattie’s very very first squiring enema

Scattie is adventurous, but when it comes to attempting fresh things, some can be a good practice and some can be bad. Providing herself an enema, so she can squirt feces all over might be the ideal way to clean out her booty, but also cover her nice white skin with brown liquid shit all over the place. She even gets shit all over her nice white pussy.

Scattie's very first squiring enema's very first squiring enema's very first squiring enema

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Brown surprise for the booty licker!

This user has a very special fetish: He indeed likes to gobble ass holes! And so I permitted him to do so today. But there is one thing he couldn’t know: While he gobbled my ass hole I had the big desire to unload my belly – and all poo out of my arse – right into his mouth! And of course the piss needs to come out too! I can tell you, he was really surprised! *g* But I had a special motto today: All you can eat!

Brown surprise for the ass licker!

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Secretary Enslaves Nasty Boss! Total Movie

Inwards the office, he’s the boss and she’s the secretary slave. Outside the office, it’s a different story. He’s the one all tied up in her private basement, a slave to her quirks. With his mitts and gams binded to the cross, he is defenseless as she whips him into obedience. She transfers him to the portable toilet, where she sits above his face and shits right on him. To cap it all off, she lets her friends in on the joy and lets them take turns defecating and pissing on his face!

Secretary Enslaves Nasty Boss! Full Movie

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Evil Sis Make Slave Eat Poop! Utter Movie

Unknown to their parents, the sis have a nasty vice. They have the insatiable need to torment a boy fucktoy by pissing, defecating, or puking on him. Right now they have a willing one on their mitts and they are going all out! After undressing off his clothes and scrawling obscenities on his bod, they make him lie down on the floor and pry his mouth open. The chicks take turns squatting and unloading poop on his face, which they order him to eat at once.

Evil Sis Make Slave Eat Shit! Full Movie

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