Urinate n poop in slaves face

Ms Anna determines against using the bathroom and determines to use her slave instead. She soaks his face in her golden nectar then finishes it off with a meaty pile in the slaves face.At the end of the clip see the explosion that was piled up on his face.

Pee n poop in slaves face

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Brown surprise for the booty licker!

This user has a very special fetish: He indeed likes to gobble ass holes! And so I permitted him to do so today. But there is one thing he couldn’t know: While he gobbled my ass hole I had the big desire to unload my belly – and all poo out of my arse – right into his mouth! And of course the piss needs to come out too! I can tell you, he was really surprised! *g* But I had a special motto today: All you can eat!

Brown surprise for the ass licker!

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Masked Slave Slurps Giant Turds

This sexy scat princess in big black boots has to take a poo so she calls her toilet slave. He is there in a flash with a mask on and his mouth open ready to receive her scat. She leans over and shits out some enormous turds that overflow out of his mouth. She wipes her booty and puts the paper total of kaviar in his face. He just lies there chewing.

Masked Slave Eats Giant Turds

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Big Hard Poop Expulsed By Godess

Godess didn’t believe that she can crap so much today. She had a big and hefty hard kaviar for her slaves. She prepare again a big meal for them and then she will call them to get it fresh !
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Big Hard Shit Expulsed By Godess

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Providing him five piles of shit!

A toilet slave is naturally only a toilet and has no rights than eating gigantic piles of feces, day by day. That's his only mission! So the five female friends disregard him fully of course while they're talking with each other – they use him only as their pile collector. Observe these five hot arses defecating the hell into his mouth! There is some really nasty footlong too, which brings him into a pretty pickle!

Giving him five piles of shit!

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Very first I fart for you and…

… then I will have something more delicious for you! You love the brown chocolate cookies right out of my butt, don't you? But what do you think when you smell my hot farts? Does it helps you to pic the filthier things coming out soon? I will use you and your mouth as my human toilet! And your nose and tongue will be my toilet paper! You have to clean my butt until every little chunk of kaviar is left!

First I fart for you and...

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Domina teach slave a cruel lesson

Lady Angie, Miss Flowers and their friend are all clean perverts. When they found out that their slave had not cleaned the toilet the way they want and to their standard, they had to do something about it. They determined to use him as their human toilet so as to instruct him a lesson he would never leave behind. They pissed and crap into his mouth and he had to gulp.

Mistress teach slave a cruel lesson

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Her poo pawed all over his face!

This crazy domme, called Gabi, planned an extreme scat session for her slave. She stands on his gams as the slave's getting down on all fours on the floor and sits down on his face. Now she shoves out a massive amount of soft scat which partly goes right into the slaves mouth, but is mostly covering his entire face! She massages her butt all over his shitty face until both her butt and the slave's face are completely covered in scat!

Her shit rubbed all over his face!

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