Kaviar Factory Makes Scat Pate

You can only imagine the smell of this poop factory. They also specialize in piss. They have numerous lady’s defecating and pissing. The piss goes through tubes and is deposited in large cups of urine. Several women lie in a row with their assholes in the air and shit out turds that are then made into scat pate. This factory is a scat fetishist’s dream because of the accumulated female shit and piss.

Shit Factory Makes Scat Pate

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Masked Slave Slurps Giant Turds

This sexy scat princess in big black boots has to take a poo so she calls her toilet slave. He is there in a flash with a mask on and his mouth open ready to receive her scat. She leans over and shits out some enormous turds that overflow out of his mouth. She wipes her booty and puts the paper total of kaviar in his face. He just lies there chewing.

Masked Slave Eats Giant Turds

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Nice Instructor Shits on Student’s Face

This instructor gives her student a lesson he will never leave behind. She keeps him after class then instantly gets down and starts grabbing his shaft. He gets hard instantly so she takes her undies off and starts facesitting on him. He fingers her ass hole and buries his mouth in her booty and pussy. Then she shits in his mouth and gets scat all over his mouth, face and chest.

Cute Instructor Shits on Student's Face's Face's Face

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Domme Diana degrades her slave for joy

Domina Diana was bored and she wished to have a bit of joy. She called her slave and gave her instructions. She told her she did not care for anything else except for her instructions to be carried out to the letter. She desired her slave to eat her poop and the slave did not have a choice but to do as the domina dreamed or else there would be hell to pay.

Mistress Diana degrades her slave for fun

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Domme Rosella and her shit fetish

Dominatrix Rosella likes to poop on people. It is the one thing she loves doing most. She loves the fact that there are many guys who fall into her trap. They do because she is hot and she has superb flirtation abilities. When she starts, no one can truly stand against her. She is that good. She had flirted with this boy from the club and when they reached home, he ate her shit instead of fucking her.

Mistress Rosella and her shit fetish

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Domme Gaia feels like degrading slave

Domme Gaia likes nothing better than abjecting and degrading her slaves. She was in the mood to do just that and when she is in that mood, she does not care about anything else. She has to do it. She called her slave and made him her toilet slave. She kaviar into his mouth and he had to eat all that crap. She did not care how degrading he found it. He had to do what she dreamed.

Mistress Gaia feels like degrading slave

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Queen Spits and Shits on Slave

This wonderful scat queen is something to behold. This dark-haired scat mistress has a gorgeous bod and flawless natural tits. She shows off her figure for a bit while her slave crawls under her toilet seat. She arches down and spits right in his face before she sits down. She finally sits down and pushes out a turd that looks to big for her ass. It goes right into the slave’s mouth.

Goddess Spits and Shits on Slave

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Alexa Poo Shits in a Cup

Alexa Poo is so proud of her messy and smelly feces that she likes to display it and, of course, she wants to have a yam-sized pile of crap around in case she can’t crap and needs to feed some to a slave. She hopes you like her big steaming pile of poo because she packed this cup so you could imagine that you were eating it. Will you be her poop eating slave?

Alexa Poo Shits in a Bowl

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Sexy chocolate – booty shitting

What a nice, curvy butt! LaToya shows you her sexy weapon in a pair of taut white jeans. When she pulls them down, you see a pink string and then – ultimately – her naked, black chocolate booty. You can't imagine yet what she's able to poo out of her tasty butthole! When she sits down on the toilet chair, her toilet slave is already waiting for her nasty, creamy turds to eat!

Sexy chocolate - ass shitting

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Man walks into a trap of scat queens

This fellow did not know the trouble he had put himself in. He had heard these mistresses were having a party and it was a chick’s’ only party. So he attempted to gate crush and that was his thickest mistake. These were scat queens and instead of having joy with him, they had joy at his expense. They compelled him to eat their shit and lick their shit filled assholes clean.

Guy walks into a trap of scat queens

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