Kaviar Factory Makes Scat Pate

You can only imagine the smell of this poop factory. They also specialize in piss. They have numerous lady’s defecating and pissing. The piss goes through tubes and is deposited in large cups of urine. Several women lie in a row with their assholes in the air and shit out turds that are then made into scat pate. This factory is a scat fetishist’s dream because of the accumulated female shit and piss.

Shit Factory Makes Scat Pate

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Some litres of golden piss

This game looks just as funny as it sounds: A slave gets a full-body plastic wrap mumification and a tube around his head. He's left there totally move- and vulnerable, and now a thick mass of nasty bitches comes in the room. And every single woman will piss into his tube, until it's utter of their golgen juice so that the slave has to drink it very swift to prevent himself from drowning! Not that effortless!

Some litres of golden piss

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